Saturday, June 18, 2005

Look what Mommy bought at the farm!

Willow and my purchases Posted by Hello

You didn't think I had an ulterior motive when I went to the farm this morning? Granted the ice cream was delectable, but I found out last week there would be spinning and weaving demonstrations there... and that means wool! Quite cheap, too - these three, averaging about 160 yards at sport weight, came to less than $18 altogether. I wound them tonight while watching the second episode of "Into the West" on TV and I am still loving my colour choices. The lighter red colourway has a dark burgundy swath about 1/5 the way into the skein which I am very interested to see how it plays out in whatever I knit from it... probably hats.

Since the blueberry poncho is finished, I cast on a small bolero cardigan for Willow in lime green cotton for Willow. I can't say I love knitting with cotton - wool and wool/acrylic blends are so much softer and nicer to hold.


Anonymous said...

very cute. It may shrink though before winter gets here. Maybe she'll still wear it early fall? I'll hope for the best.
The poncho (and Willow) look awesome!

trini said...

oh, that was me, Trini :)

mom said...

I thought it was 'NO MORE WOOL!'