Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Field Trip to Ramsey's Pumpkin Farm

Today Willow had her field trip to Ramsey Farm's Pumpkin Patch and it was a glorious day for the trip. Originally the trip was scheduled for last Wednesday, but it was pouring with rain that day so the trip was postponed.

Here is Willow with most of her classmates:

No - she isn't the smallest of the group - just kind of squished in the middle. The kids ran around in a hay bale maze (there was also a short cornstalk maze - maybe 4 feet tall, and a full-size cornstalk maze that was mown in the outlines of all the continents.)

Here is Willow helping her friend Riley put her pumpkin into her bag:

Willow on top of the world! (or rather, a hay bale on top of a tire!)

It was a great outing - and warm enough that I left my jacket on the bus. And we both got little pumpkins to bring home! I'd love to take Willow back to the farm on the weekend because they have a mini-café where they serve pumpkin ice cream, pies, soup - and whatever else you can make out of pumpkin and other squash. I don't know if it will be this weekend, though - by the sounds of it, we may be getting the remnants of Wilma by this weekend...I hope not - we have had quite a bit of rain lately.


trini said...

very cute pics! That sounds like a cool place to go. We do have them in FL but it's still hot *blech*

Ter-Bear said...

My God Daughter is just the cutest!!!

Michelle said...

Great pictures - looks like load of fun!!