Sunday, October 16, 2005

Strolling Around Rockwood Park

It was such a gorgeous day today that we decided to head out to Rockwood Park and go for a walk. Mom and Auntie Daryth - I believe I took both of you to this park while you were here... It is one of the few former estate / now public parks in the Brandywine Valley that did not once belong to the DuPont Family. It's a great walk because it isn't level and you have to go up and down, through the woods, across the field, over a creek - but it isn't a huge acreage. Plus there is this great old house on top of the hill that sells coffee, tea, pastries... And is open seven days a week.

Mom - I know what these are, but for the life of me can't remember the name! I want to say geranium, but somehow that doesn't seem right - my mind keep on saying it starts with a 'b.' In any case, this plant is huge - easily 3 feet across. I should have had Willow stand in front of this for a good comparison shot.

Willow and a willow tree. She knows what a willow tree looks like, and whenever we see one while driving around she has to make sure she points it out to me. I thought she was making it up the first time she did this... But we were at a four-way stop and she was pointing to a willow tree on the corner!

An underground pantry I guess - Willow wanted to know why the house was underground.

See what a beautiful autumn day it was here! The leaves really turn gorgeous colours here, and after about a week straight of torrential rain, we were happy to get outside. I was really beginning to feel like a slug from being inside all the time.

And after our walk was over, Andrew and Willow had to curl up in one of the Adirondack chairs on the front lawn overlooking the pond.

I hope we have many more days like today this season.


Mary Beth said...

HI Jo! I followed your link from the knitty gallery. Your Sweetness looks nice and snuggly. I still haven't made a full-fledged, non-tank, adult-sized sweater yet. Rockwood Park is beautiful, especially this time of year. (I also enjoy the Ice Cream Festival, though!) I've toured the mansion already, but have never been to the Butler's Pantry. I think those flowers are begonias, but I can't be too sure. Take care, and enjoy the dry weather!

Jo said...

Thank you Mary Beth! See, I knew it started with a B!

Mom said...

See you're smarter than you know! I was just going to tell you what the flowers were but Mary Beth got there before I did.