Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Not a lot of knitting content at the moment - with three weeks left in the year, a ton of paperwork at the office, mandatory vacation days (during which I will freak out because I have so much work to do), Christmas shopping for impossibly difficult people... I feel like I am drowning. Add to that only about 4 hours of sleep at night and you will have an idea of my current state of mind.

And I don't mean that the people are impossibly difficult... just impossibly difficult to buy for. One male person has a great and seemly masculine hobby - but nearly everything I have found online or in catalogues concerning this hobby is blatantly female. I found one interesting thing - but then was told it wouldn't ship for 4 weeks... Grrr... I need at least 8 more weeks before Christmas comes.

And so much for my dream of giving people handknit presents... next year perhaps.

I did finish Willow's vest out of Encore Worsted. Tara - this will be my entry into the denim contest - I hope that is still going on. Willow isn't in the mood for posing right now, so maybe I can post a pic this weekend. I'm working on a red hat for myself right now - and no, you can't have this one, Dad! Remember - red was my colour once upon a time as well.

Andrew, Stewart (Andrew's oldest brother) and I went to see 'Les Misèrables' at the Dupont Theatre on Saturday afternoon and it was wonderful. I've wanted to see this musical since it first became popular when I was in high school many aeons ago. I thought Fantine's verbrato was a little forced - but Jean Valjean and Eoponine both had wonderful voices. This trip to the theatre was our Christmas presents from my in-laws. Thank you!

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tara said...

Yes, the denim challenge is still on. I know what i am doing but havent found the time yet to start. Shanda will pick next and then you so think about your challenge for february-ish.
I'm glad you finally got to see Les Mis. I watched the minisieries of Pride and Prejudice and I love it everytime. Not the same as a play but maybe the new movie version will be as good. The actor who plays Mr Darcy still reminds me of your husband. Not bad.