Monday, December 26, 2005

Recovering and Whatnot

We are recovering... the phlegm is abating and I don't sound like a frog anymore. With the help of Neo Citran and Mucinex, I even slept through the night.

Here is a picture of our Christmas tree. I really wish I had thought to take a picture before the hordes (aka Willow) set in and moved things around.

Here is Willow in her Tinkerbell costume along with her Uncle Stewart and her new vacuum cleaner. It's a toy Hoover than works on C batteries and actually sucks stuff up. She's in love with it and wanted to vacuum Grandma's whole house. The dog, understandably, was terrified.

And a close-up of the Tinkerbell costume. Although we didn't discuss it with Stewart beforehand, I'm glad that it was Tinkerbell and not one of the Disney princesses... or Barbie (shudder!)

And the hop ball - I was so afraid that this wouldn't arrive before Christmas! It was an aerobic workout getting this thing blown up with a hand pump! It's still a little big for her, but she was bouncing away all the same - sliding off, getting back on, and jumping up and down again.

What did Santa bring me for Christmas? My big present was a Sunbeam Standing Mixer! I can't wait to try this out :) I also received S.M. Stirling's _The Protector's War_, two sweaters from Lands End, Canadian Halloween candy (Coffee Crisps!), a necklace with a jade pendant, a stained glass votive holder, and knitting money! I'm planning to get some of the handpainted merino from to make myself another Sweetness sweater from Knitty.

Happy Boxing Day!


candsmom said...

So glad to hear you're feeling better. Willow is such a cutie and what a lucky girl with a working vacuum cleaner! (Although, I have to admit that the prospect of a toddler with a working suctioning vacuum scares me more than a little. ;-)) Sounds like you had a great Christmas, too, with a standing mixer and knitting money!! Lucky you! Take care and feel better! :-)

Jo said...

Thanks! It's good to feel human again! Don't worry- the vacuum doesn't really pick up more than pine needles and dust bunnies - the suction isn't terribly powerful.

tara said...

Your tree looks nice. Is that in your apt? Your baby is looking so grown up, not a baby anymore. Enjoy the mixer. What are you making first? Tara

Jaimes said...

yes Jo your baby is almost all grown up time for another. Love Jaimes+1