Friday, December 16, 2005


My SP5 downstream partner, Jen ( posted this link ( ) where you could upload a picture of yourself and it will tell you which celebrity you look most like. The site looks like it is under maintenance right now, but when I was playing with it earlier, I was told (using a variety of pictures) I looked like Sofia Coppola, Liv Tyler, Audrey Tautou (from the French movie 'Amélie'), Katie Holmes - and with a 70% likeness, with Nora Jones. I'll take that Nora Jones likeness and run with it! I put in Willow's pic just for the fun of it and it came up with a 65% likeness to Mira Sorvino - not bad! When I was a child (like Willow) I was told I looked like Shirley Temple - but I think that was/is due to the ringlets more than anything else. As a young woman I was told I looked like Natalie Wood - I think that is because of my eyebrows.


candsmom said...

I would be so happy to be told I looked like any of the celebrities you mentioned! With my luck and my looks, I'd probably end up being told that I bear a likeness to Larry King or something. :-P Very cool site...I'll be checking it out later. Take care and have a great weekend, Jo! :-)

tara said...

once I figure out how to post a picture i want to try it. any guesses what it might say?
im surprised it didnt say carrie russel for you.