Sunday, December 18, 2005

Nippertail Hat (aka Red Hat the Second)

You will have to forgive the model's constitution - she has a bit of a stomach bug right now and was trying to eat her stomach-stabilizing crackers and watch 'Max and Ruby' in peace, but I kept on trying to pose her so I could take a decent picture of the Nippertail hat:

This was supposed to be my hat, but before I had a chance to weave in all the ends, Willow decided the hat was hers. I offered to make her one in any other colour, but she wouldn't budge. She wanted *this* red hat. (Dad, it must be your influence!)

It was a very quick knit - I started it Tuesday night at my SnB and I think only worked on it for an hour two nights later - and finished it Friday night. The pattern can be found in the archives at and is called a Nippertail hat. There is one glaring bit of awkwardness in the pattern (about where you start doing the straight knitting to separate the two sides) but I think I can just forgo that and do it how I think it should go next time.

A view from above:

The colour isn't really this tomato-y - the yarn is 'Cranberry' in Wool of the Andes from Knitpicks. I think when I make my hat (you know you can never have too many hats) I will make it with a single ponytail hole out the back because that is how I normally wear my hair on casual days.

I will try to take a picture of Red Hat the First later when I am a bit more presentable. Three year olds don't care so much about being presentable...


Anonymous said...

very cute. The hat and the kiddo :)

luv trini

tara said...

I have never seen anything like that. I do remember those curly crochet or knitted pony tail 'worms' that you would tie on the pony tail. Tara

Areli said...

That is so very cute. Both the hat and the daughter. I guess you will be knitting yourself another one :)

candsmom said...

That is such an adorable little hat!! Willow looks so cute in it. ;-) Thanks for the link to the pattern, too. Somehow, I missed that Magknits. You know, my sister's Lelah was KP Cranberry, too, but whenever I would try to photograph it, it always looked tomato-red in color. Such resistant yarn. :-) Take care, Jo! :-)

tara said...

My mom took a look at the hat and she just loved it. Maybe I can get her to make 3. Maybe I should just learn to knit. Tara