Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Family Portrait

I love this picture.

This is the first picture I have ever seen Willow draw where the people actually looked like an identifiable person. It's not an exact likeness - I mean, my legs are certainly not that long (!), but you can see bodies, eyes, smiles - and on the drawing of Andrew she even made sure he had shoes on. And for some reason she couldn't fully articulate, she had to be drawn in yellow while Andrew and I were green.

Hans Holbein, eat your heart out!


MOM said...

Congratulate the budding artist - W is better than most kids her age!

tara said...

I love kids drawings of people. In the martha stewart kids magazine they showed how to make their drawings into stuffed animals. it was a fun way to preserve their art. she comes by it naturally :)

Jen said...

Everyone knows adults are green! :)

Seriously, I love how she got the proportions of height right. Kids notice a lot!