Sunday, June 11, 2006

Baby Blanket Received

My sister Jaime received the package I sent her full of baby things, and she sent pictures back of Liam in the Tangerine Dream blanket I knit for him. Isn't he adorable?

I love babies when they are sleeping like this. When they are so new I always wonder what they dream about.

See - I wasn't the only one who thought of the colour orange. Our other sister, Teri sent William a orange sleeper as well:

Um, yeah. I don't think that baby is going thirsty.

Here is a picture of the proud grandpa -my father, Guy:

Like the little pins on his hat? He cuts those out and paints them himself. Dad - I have an idea for those - I will have to talk to you after I make a trip to the craft store...

I only have one sleeve left to knit on Satomi's baby sweater (so much quicker than a blanket!!). I need to find some pretty buttons to go along with it. Since Satomi's baby will be a little girl I am feeling the need to get some girly pink or purple buttons considering the fact that the sweater itself is a pastel turquoise colour. I hate falling into these gender/colour stereotypes, but that feeling is tempered by the frustration I would feel when people would always ask me if Willow was a boy or a girl... well, sometimes regardless of the colour I dressed her in.


tara said...

cute baby!! your dad made me a pin of my cat for my birthday a very long time ago. i still have it.

Your Knitty SP said...

How sweet! That orange is so great, I may have to knit something in orange NOW!!

Nancy said...

Thanks for the sweet pictures. What a nice way to start a week! Little Liam wrapped in the orange blanket reminds me of a Dreamcicle!

Anonymous said...

who is that good looking dude. He should be in the movies. Guess who?

Jo said...

Hi Dad :)

You should be in movies - you are already a character!


Ginny said...

Ahhh, orange, what a wonderful colour. Baby is adorable!

Hey I like those hat pins. They look like the traders we make for Girl Guides and pin on our hats at camp.

Anonymous said...

Ooh ooh, now guess who I am! I'll give you a hint... every time I see a newborn I'm reminded how, of all the world's sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy is the worst.

I keed, I keed! Ah, but now I must make up for posting this foul witticism in your otherwise lovely blog. I offer you this maniac (safe for work).


Jo said...

Hmmm... Anonymous... you have me there. Care to offer another hint?


Nancy said...

Woah boobages!

Sweet wee little babe. Orange is the new pink.