Thursday, June 22, 2006

Happy Anniversary and Catch Up on Colorswap

Now isn't this delectable?

It was my in-laws' 46th wedding anniverary the other day, and since all the kids are in town, we went to dinner at Harry's Savoy Grill... so yummy! I had the prime rib - Andrew decided to have steak... I warned him the prime rib was worlds better! Anyway, here is a picture of my in-laws:

Happy 46th Anniversary!

I also received my June Blue Colorswap from my partner Lynne from a few days ago. I took these pictures in batches - here is part of it:

There is a cute drink umbrella (I'm truly surprised Willow hasn't laid claim to this yet!), some swirly coasters (very much needed), cobalt blue nail polish, and the most gorgeous smelling macademia nut hand and nail cream. And behind it all is this beautiful blue ceramic baking dish - I'm just dreaming up what I can make first!

There was also this book:

Full of the cutest children's clothing and toy patterns. See the little doll in the corner? Look in the next pic to see what Willow is playing with:

Lynne made Willow her very own Lula doll and Willow fell in love with it and has been sleeping with it ever since it arrived. She has even commisioned me to make a dress for Lula. And lastly, there was this little bluebird:

I don't have any plants of my own in our apartment other than a pot of basil, so I planted Mr. Bluebird in a pot of miniature hibiscus my mother-in-law has in the backyard - I think he is happy there!


Nancy said...

I love that Lucinda Guy book. The patterns are so adorable.

tara said...

Do they make that cover sweater in adult sizes? I may have to learn to knit.

Jae said...

That was incredibly sweet that your swap pal thought of Willow too. I love the little bluebird!

turtlegirl76 said...

Wow! Great package!

Her Hibiscus are already blooming? Argh! Mine just keeps sprouting more leaves. I repotted it a couple months ago and it's taken very well to the new pot, but the lack of direct sunlight might not be helping. Stupid porch.