Thursday, June 15, 2006

On Safari for the Wild Delaware Butterfly...

Willow's class had a field trip today to the Ashland Nature Center, where the park rangers suited us up with nets -

And let us hunt for butterflies!

I had never done this before and some small part of me thinks that maybe I had more fun than the kids. There are two fields in the park where you can catch butterflies, and once you have caught them they are brought to the Butterfly House (a greenhouse-type structure covered in netting rather than glass) and set free inside it. There are all sorts of flowers and bushes in the Butterfly house that butterflies love to eat and it lets people see some pretty neat butterflies up close. I am proud to say that I caught three butterflies all by myself (it seems odd at my age - let's just say thirtysomething - to say 'all by myself') - two cabbage whites and one little blue guy with orange spots.

Here is a girl Willow's class holding my blue butterfly - I am not sure if you can see it through the plastic:

Here is a picture of a black and orange butterfly inside the Butterfly House:

And here is a Cabbage White on a red flower:

We were so worn out on the busride home - who knew that chasing after insects would be such hard work!

I think this is the sweetest photo - here is Willow and Soren holding hands as we were leaving the park:

People who don't know these two think that they are fraternal twins - and it is surprising how much they do look alike. Soren is a little older, but they are the same size, have the same colour hair, same eye colour, same face shape - completely different personalities, however.

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