Thursday, June 29, 2006

Yes, Actual Knitting Has Been Occuring

I just don't have a picture of any at the moment. I just attached the sleeves to Satomi's baby sweater, so hopefully I will have a finished object soon.

We have been having horrible storms and flooding here lately - you can check out the news at or to see pictures of the flooding. We are okay where we are, but many of my coworkers who live further south in Delaware have had problems getting to work because all of their normal routes are flooded out.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we had a family reunion of sorts here last week and here are a few of the pictures I took:

Little Miss Willow. This was one of the few pleasant shots of her that day - she had her nose out of joint for a few different reasons this day and was making her displeasure known... as you will see in some of the next photos.

This is one of my favourite objets d'art in my in-laws' home - an old-fashioned desk chair my father-in-law surprised my mother-in-law with after a trip to South Carolina, I believe. It's a very sweet story and a gorgeous piece of furniture.

Me and Miss Pouty Face:

No - my face isn't flushed because I was drinking! We had been at the waterpark the day before and despite stinky and expensive sunblock, I still got a bit of colour.

And 99% of the Hawkins kids and grandkids:

From L-R in the back: Willow, Andrew, Erica, Doug, Stewart.
From L-R in the front: Adam, Joy, Lauren, Grace, and Caddie.

The only one not there was Jacqui, Doug's oldest daughter. She was graduating from Western Washington University with a BS in Biochemistry. Congratulations, Jacqui - we are all so proud!

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sue said...

I have just finished reading your entire blog. Your little girl is so gorgeous. I have a 4 yr old with curly hair too and I love knitting as well. I loved your Veste Everest and your little girl's poncho too. Is the poncho pattern a free one.