Sunday, October 29, 2006

Blogstalking: Hallowe'en Costume (and finished objects!)

This week's Blogstalking task was to show a picture of yourself in Hallowe'en (yes, I spelled that correctly) costume, be it the current costume or one in the past. It has been a few years since I wore a costume (I think the last was 2 years ago when I went as barefoot and pregnant - wearing my wedding dress with a beach ball stuffed underneath. I went around asking my male co-workers if they would do the right thing by me...) and this was the only picture I could find of me in costume:

This was nearly 10 years ago, when I was teaching English in Japan. My boss was American and she liked to have Hallowe'en parties for all the kids and the kids loved getting dressed up as well. Hallowe'en doesn't really have a firm presence in Japan, but I think the idea of the kids dressing up, even if it just for a party, is catching on. There was even a Hallowe'en parade in Tokyo the last year we were there. As you can see, I was dressed up as a black cat. See the shiny areas on my chest? I had no clue (and no one deigned to tell me) that my pink satin bra was perfectly visible through the black polyester costume... Happy Hallowe'en!

And now for the finished objects! This hat is for the Dulaan package and it's just a basic in-the-round hat made out of Lion Brand Jiffy I had left over from the next finished object. This was an extremely quick knit and I had about 80% of it finished on our trip to the beach last weekend.

And this is the afghan that up until 3 weeks ago had sat unfinished on my sofa for over 2 years... It is a broad mix of acrylic and acrylic-wool blends crocheted in a basket stitch in a red-blue-red-green pattern. It's nice, heavy, warm, and just big enough to lay over you while you lounge on the sofa. As you can see, I got my one-nice-picture allotment out of the child with the last picture...

There will be a few other finished objects in the next couple weeks - a Dulaan sweater, another Dulaan hat, and a sweater I cast on for Willow in a super-chunky yarn.


MOM said...

I hate to correct you but you were a little bit wrong with question #2. Your dad had first choice with names if you were a girl and he wanted to name you Josephine because that was what his dad had wanted to name his daughter and I agreed because of 'Little Women'.
Love & Hugs

turtlegirl76 said...

And I disagree that you only got one nice pic out of Willow. That last one is pretty freakin' cute too.

And didn't you get the memo about the "Get out of meme free card" I made?

Jo said...

Cristi, I know - but filling in the meme wasted a good bit of time, so I didn't mind ;)

SuzannaBanana said...

Cute costume. I wouldn't worry about the bra showing through. It's not safe to trick-or-treat in the dark -- you provided the headlights!

Awww...Willow's so cute! I love the picture of her wearing the Dulaan hat.