Sunday, October 22, 2006

Under the Boardwalk...

There really isn't anything. Andrew looked. Perhaps the iconic boardwalk in the song is somewhere else, but it certainly wasn't based at the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk! We just got back from spending the weekend at the beach. I'm conflicted about beaches - I mean, I love the ocean, walking on the beach, boardwalk foods/activities... but I hate crowds and hot weather. How do we fix that? By coming to the beach in off season. The temps were in the mid-60s so it was quite pleasant - we had been wearing fleece sweatshirts and found them to be too hot after walking around.

Here is Willow starting out with her sandcastle:

And the finished structure (which, promptly after this photo was taken, she destroyed like Godzilla in Tokyo):

Me and the erstwhile architect:

This was the sunrise this morning:

I mentioned to Andrew and Willow that scenes like this remind me of something in a children's book - I think it may be Pippi Longstocking - where they say that sunbeams coming down like this are angels looking down from heaven. When we get home I put our holiday pictures on a slideshow to show Andrew and Willow, and when this one came up, Willow said, "Look Mom - it is the angels looking down from heaven!"

I'm glad the thought stuck :)


Bezzie said...

"Cold" beach days are the best!!!

Jaimes said...

Willow that sand castle is spectactular!! Looks like you all had fun!!

Jae said...

That looks like so much fun! Fall beach days are the best.