Monday, October 16, 2006

A Day in the Big City

Okay... three guesses where I was today (and the first two don't count!):

Now, I'm willing to forgive my Canadian and International readers for perhaps not recognizing this quote - but you Americans should really know this one ;)

Today my father-in-law and I went into Philadelphia to go to the Constitution Center, Independence Hall (which is directly behind the bell), and the Liberty Bell exhibit. This is something that I have wanted to do for a long time - but really not something I would take Willow to yet. It was a beautiful day, too - we couldn't have hoped for anything nicer. A few facts about the bell - it weighs 2080 pounds, was created in England, but cracked the very first time it was rung (and was melted down and re-cast by Americans), and didn't get the title "Liberty Bell" until the abolitionists in the 19th century adopted it as their emblem (due to the quote above).

Here is a picture from across the street from Independence Hall - which, incidentally, is only a nickname. Its real name is the Pennsylvania State House and the whole kit and caboodle is run by the National Park Service.

I wish I had taken a picture of this face more in profile - he is in Independence Hall and has such a smirky look on his face:

And I do have some knitting content for the day (although not a photo because cameras aren't allowed in the Constitution Center). I chatted up a female re-enactor (does that make her a re-enactress?) who was spinning. I asked her if she knew how much spinning wheels cost in Colonial times as I had researched their current prices and were surprised they could go $800 or more. She said she didn't know - that the only historical reference she was able to find was it would cost about one months' salary... but that is such a variable reference. She pulled a drop spindle out of her basket and recommended I try this first - that mastering the drop spindle (which is inexpensive and less space-consuming) makes for better skills on a spinning wheel. I said, "I will have to see if I can find one at Stitches East when I'm there in two weeks," at which point she dropped out of character and excitedly said, "I'll be there, too - I can't wait!"

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mf said...

what a beautiful trip! Haven't been there since a elementary school trip.....Enjoy stitches!