Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Quick Sleeves, Tiny Blogstalking, and an Update

Two sleeves in one night - a personal best :) Okay, they are sleeves for a four-year-old and are knit from Lion Thick and Quick Woolease on size 11 needles... but two sleeves in one night!

And a close up of one sleeve:

It's a very simple project - a raglan sweater - probably for Willow. We will have to see how she likes it when it is all put together. Woo-hoo! Two sleeves in one night!

No, I didn't get much sleep last night. Despite the codeine cough syrup.

I'm behind on my Blogstalking activities - partly due to being very busy at work and partly due to feeling horrible. Two tasks back the topic was "Trinket" in which you were to explain some little thing you have around your house. Well, here's a two-for-one for you:

I realize now that the little guy on the left is hard to make out, but he is a little wooden pig with a stick through his middle. No - I'm not trying to be gruesome - he is a musical instrument. My sister-in-law brought it back from China for Willow. You take out the stick and brush/roll/tap it on his back and it sounds somewhat like a wooden xylophone. Notice it is on top of the TV? The progeny gets a little over-exuberant with it and so it gets put beyond her reach on a regular basis. I can only take so much of the percussion... My Dad made the little dog on the right - I believe he is intended as a Christmas decoration, but he's out all year since Willow likes to play with him, too.

Health update... still sick. Three days into the antibiotics has me a bit nauseous but still hacking my brains out with a wet cough. On the plus side, no fever since Sunday morning. I don't feel like I am getting enough air when I breath and it is making me tired all the time. The urgent care doc said give the antibiotics 4 days to kick in... tomorrow is day 4.


Zonda said...

Feel better soon!! The sweater is coming along great! Yay for quick knits!

Bezzie said...

Ugh, my mom bought a wooden frog just like that pig for DS when he was about a year older than Willow...lets just say the stick "disappeared" ;-) I feel your pain there!

Feel better soon!

Nancy said...

I hope you feel better! Lots and lots of water, and plenty of vitamin C always helps get rid of the plague for me