Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Sweet Relief

I seem to remember there was an album called "Sweet Relief" by various artists that came out when I was in university in the early 90s. I remember listening to the album incessantly - so isn't it funny that now all I can remember is that the album had something to do with Lucinda Williams and there was a song sung by Pearl Jam on it?

The passport. It's safe, everyone. Passport Canada messed up and sent it to our apartment address without our apartment number, so it was delivered to the apartment office. Now, why we were not told there was a package waiting for us... that's another matter I'm just not going to let myself get angry about right now. The passport was supposed to get sent to my in-laws' house (as our mailing address) since we are house-hunting. I really didn't need all this aggravation, so I am extremely glad the passport is accounted for and now locked up :) Interestingly enough, after I sent them a very angry email on Saturday, Passport Canada did call me first thing Monday morning and admitted they had sent it to the wrong address.

I've seen this meme on a few people's blogs, so I thought I should chime in:

Six Weird Things About Me

1. I have small wide feet - 6.5 wide, which is a size that just does not exist for a lot of shoe manufacturers. I usually end up having to go up to 7W, which is where a lot of companies start with their wide shoes.

2. As I get older (yeah, I know - I am ancient at 34!), I am finding that I just don't care for cakes, cookies, pies, candies and other sweet stuff. Put something salty and crunchy in front of me and I'm a goner, though.

3. On both feet, my second and third toes are joined almost to the first knuckle. This is more prominent in my Mom and youngest sister. I read somewhere once this is a common trait with families with Irish lineage. My Mom's maiden name is Pogue.

4. I once cooked avocado into my hair. Quite unintentionally - I was trying this holistic means of moisteurizing my super-cooked over-dyed hair (yeah, I see the irony in all of this). Everything worked fine until I tried rinsing out the mashed up avocado with warm water. It cooked right in, and I had to comb it all out with a lice comb.

5. I like making up symptoms for drugs during the commercials on TV: "May cause purple spots and unprovoked narcolepsy." This is even funnier considering where I work.

6. I have a horrible fear of deep water - to the point of back spasms and nausea. I used to live in Japan and would fly home (over the *&^%$*^$ Pacific Ocean for 9+ hours) once a year and would be a wreck every time.

Feel free to steal at will :)


Zonda said...

So glad you got your passport! Phew! Yikes on the cooked avocado though! It's been fun reading everyone's 6 things :)

tara said...

OMG, I was there for #4 and vividly remember that. How funny.


That thing you did with avocado, my best friend at school did with egg. She put raw egg on her hair to condition it then rinsed it off with hot water......big mistake!

I didn't know that about the toe joining and I went to check my toes and they are the same! My grandmother was Irish- case proved!

Merry Christmas to you and all the family especially Willow.

Batty said...

You... you like sweet stuff less as you're getting older? When does this start? I'm 30 now and can't resist anything with sugar in it!

Not to self: do not use avocado on hair. Very important.