Sunday, March 25, 2007

Four Different Kinds of Flowers!

And four reasons why I really need to get a better camera...

Andrew and I spent the entire day packing and cleaning today and still aren't done. Jeez - it's a good thing we had a month to do this in - because if we only had a weekend I think a) we would have killed each other , and b) it just wouldn't have happened. The work is almost done - what is left in the apt is Andrew's corner desk, some stuff for Goodwill or stuff we don't know what to do with, the big TV, and stuff to clean. Trust me, Saturday cannot come soon enough. I don't care if I have a gazillion boxes scattered around my new house, come Sunday morning I am doing nothing. Not a bleeding thing. I may lay in bed all day and read paranormal romances and eat Trader Joe's Flaxseed tortilla chips and wheedle my husband into making me gin and tonics.

Anyway - it was a very nice day today, which made it even more painful to have to move and clean indoors. I snuck my craptacular camera in my bag and tried to take some pictures to prove to you all that Spring is making some inroads here on the East Coast.

Some tiny blue flowers (weeds most likely, but they were the first flowers I saw of the day) in front of the old apartment building:

Some purple crocuses in my in-laws' front yard:

Some daffodils doing their best to bloom along the driveway:

And one of the camellia bushes around my in-laws' house has started to bloom. My father-in-law told me about this one after dinner - I bet I would have caught it in more of a full bloom in the middle of the day:

And I need to send a big apology to my upstream SP - twice now I have promised to take some pics of the super package I received on Friday in the bright sunlight, and both times I didn't get home until it was nearly dark out. Pictures tomorrow come sun or shade, I absolutely promise. There is a gorgeous dark aqua Lantern Moon bag in there I must show off to all of you :) And dark green homespun... and candy... tune in tomorrow!


Jen said...

Moving is never fun. My husband, in reference to moving, usually mentions some guide to it that gave as it's first tip, "DON'T".

The tiny blue flowers, btw, are Creeping Veronica. My parents' back yard has lots of it. I think it's often considered a weed, but it's soft and comfortable underfoot, and when it's in full bloom you get these sky blue pools in the yard that are just gorgeous.

Cathy said...

Glad to know that some sections of the East Coast are seeing some Spring. We had some snow again last night - can't wait to see some greens and pretty colors soon!

Bezzie said...

Oh the moving. I know exactly what your place must look like right now. And the TV was always last to be boxed up in my house too ;-)

Love that camellia bush!

Batty said...

Very pretty flowers! We have yucky grey gloom out here so seeing springy flower pictures really makes life brighter.