Monday, March 26, 2007

I Always Keep My Promises

The timing I am not always great with, but I do keep them...

Look at this wonderful package my SP gave me! As I mentioned in yesterday's post, the package actually arrived on Friday, but I have been so caught up with the moving and unpacking that I kept missing my opportunity to take a half-decent picture of the haul. And what is in this haul?

  • A beautiful sea green aqua Lantern Moon knitting bag (I cannot wait to show this off to my SnBers!)
  • Two cobalt blue baskets which I think I am going to put on my knitting shelf for bits and bobs
  • Two new kitchen towels in blues and greens - I had to smile at this one. A few SP rounds ago I was paired up with someone who was also moving in the course of that SP round, and I sent her a house-warming present as well. Although in my case I sent her a shot glass...
  • Some chocolate candies I am currently hiding from Willow
  • A blue Chibi needle set
  • Some luxurious dark green homespun - I want to find a special project for this because I just love the colours in it
  • And something you can't see because it is currently in the Lantern Moon nag to give it some shape for the picture, a tub of foamy stickers for Willow (I have thus far hidden these from her until we get everything in her room put away!)

Thank you, SP! It is a great package and I can't wait to dig into it all!


On a more somber note, I was at a volunteer function at work today - we were baking cookies at the Ronald McDonald House. I had a special helper - his name was Jamir and he is the sweetest little three year old boy you could imagine. There weren't many kids around while we were there (most being either at school or in the hospital itself), but since Jamir is only three and his nurse comes to him, his Mom has him all day at the Ronald McDonald House. I think she might have needed a break, because she was more than happy to have him help me scoop out cookie dough and roll it into balls for the cookie sheets ('fess up, Moms - we have *all* felt this way at some point!) I was talking to Jamir's Mom about his condition - he has no hair and has the puffiness of recent chemo and she confirmed that he has cancer but that the doctors have not figured out yet what kind of cancer. This is an easy one - I am not an overly or overtly religious person - but Willow and I said a prayer for him tonight and I ask that you please do the same.


Bezzie said...

What a sweet SP! My last SP round I was moving and my upstream was moving as well. Too funny!

Jamir sounds like a sweetie. I'll keep him in my thoughts.

Batty said...

What a beautiful package! It's so funny that you and your last SP were moving at the same time. Having moved before, I agree that a shot glass is a most excellent housewarming gift.

I'll keep Jamir in my thoughts. He sounds like a real cutie.