Saturday, March 31, 2007

A Day Well Spent

First, as of 9:26am, we were out of our apartment. It's amazing how big it looks when there is nothing in it!

Not sure what is up with all those fuzzy dots - probably the gazillion dust particles I kicked up while cleaning. And on that subject, may I say I *love* my Swiffer WetJet?

My friend Asami had emailed me the day before to ask if we wanted to go to the zoo today, and I countered with a picnic, then the zoo. And what did we find at the picnic park? That's right, Ter - cherry blossoms! Look at them and weep, my snowbound sister :)

They are just starting to bloom here and I imagine that in a week or two we will be in a pink wonderland. Here's a pic of Asami's cutie-patootie son Ray pointing out the hyacinths we saw in bloom at the zoo:

And Willow enjoying the swings afterward:

I know she is big enough to do this without the baby apparatus, but this is the swing she likes to use. She just freaks out when she wants to get off and do something else and can't without someone's help.

And another new flower...

There are daffodils galore around here now, but these were the first tulips I saw blooming. I love spring flowers! We didn't get to go to the Philadelphia Flower Show this year because of all the moving and packing, so I will have to make the most of this last blooming (pun intended) Spring.
Not much knitting has been going on here lately - the only times I have been able to sit down and do it is at my SnB. I need to get some baby booties finished, however... and the clock is ticking. Babies don't seem to want to wait until you have finished their knitted objects before coming!


mom said...

we have cherry blossoms here tulips yet but lots of daffys, hyacinths and muscari.
Beautiful sunshine too!!
Love & Hugs

Batty said...

It's so interesting when all your stuff moves out. The rooms echo. It sounds very strange and unfamiliar even when you've spent years living in a place.

It's a beautiful day for going to the zoo! Today was very pretty.

Teri said...

You brat! Not fair to rub those beautiful cherry blossoms in my face while I am stuck here in the land of snow and ice!!! Only saving grace is the fact that it is light out now until 9 pm! Land of the Midnight Sun will be here soon enough!

But did ya get to drink beer under the cherry blossoms? Now THAT would be the icing on the cake!!