Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tomatoes and Field Trips

Woo hoo! Look what I grew!

I hope these turn out life-size on the blog - they are cherry tomatoes. I'm not really conducting an urban vegetable experiment like Bezzie, but I do have a few pots of tomatoes and peppers in my backyard. There is a garden spot already blocked out in the backyard, but we didn't get started early enough to use it. These tomatoes came from a plant that my mother-in-law rescued from her compost pile - it just started growing and she scooped it into a small pot for me. Does that count as a recycled plant? Bezzie, how cheap-ass is that?!!?

If today is Tuesday, it must be field trip day... Today me, about 5 other adults and thirty-some-odd four and five-year olds tromped off to Plumpton Park Zoo over the Maryland border. It was okay - but having seen some of the bigger zoos in the area this was more like a zoo in someone's backyard. What did impress me was the amount of rose quartz on the property. They must have found it on site and dug it up because it was everywhere - garden edges, fences, big chunks in animal habitats - everywhere.

Here's a pic of Willow on the bus:

And I found fiber-bearing animals...

The llama:

The buffalo:

And the sheep:

And, while not a fiber-bearing animal, I had to take a picture of this for Cristi - let's see if she notices. Happy Belated Birthday, Cristi!

Now this next picture confuses me - can anyone tell me what it is?

If you have ever seen asparagus growing, this is sort of what it looks like - but these stumps (?) are about 2 - 3" in diameter and 8 - 12 inches tall. They were quite creepy, but I am curious what they are.


Bezzie said...

Wow yeah, recycled tomatoes that aren't rotten?! Me and my store bought seed now rotten tomatoes are green (literally) with envy! ;-)

No idea what those weird things are sorry!

trek said...

Great tomatoes. Now, I want a tomato sandwich with really yummy bread....

Teri said...

What?! No pics of the rose quartz??

tara said...

we grow asparagus (well, our canal grows it) but it doesnt look anything like that. Where is it growing?