Friday, August 03, 2007

With Many Apologies to My Upstream SP9

This lovely package arrived Tuesday from my equally-as-lovely upstream Knitty SP9, and I meant to blog about earlier than this, but I have been laid low by allergies :( My nose is raw, my eyes and palate itchy, and my allergy medicine is doing precious little other than make me sleep. But! I have lovely balls of roving to show off!

SP9 (whose name is Shannon but that doesn't help me so much in the sneakiness part) said she had read in my Knitty questionnaire that I had bought a drop spindle at MDSW and thought she would 'enable' me a bit more. This is probably the push I needed to actually start using the drop spindle! The three coloured balls in the back are ones that she dyed herself, and in the front there are three 1-ounce balls of (from L-R) Australian Merino, Ashland Bay Corriedale Cross, and Falklan 56 Wool Top. I opened the package at my SnB Tuesday night and my friends all had a chance to fondle the balls. I especially love how soft the merino is!

Here is a close up of the large ball in the back - it is a mix of blue, purple, rhubarb-red, and charcoal grey:

This photo turned out a bit brighter than intended, but it is a lovely peachy-orange colour:

Thank you, SP9! I promise I will try to put it to good use!

And now, a gratuitous Willow fluff shot:

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Batty said...

Lovely roving! So colorful and fluffy.

And Willow looks cute, as usual. Looks like she's holding something edible. Now I'm hungry.