Saturday, April 05, 2008

Because I Am Wiped Out

And my parents were complaining I hadn't updated my blog since Wednesday.

And easy meme from The Saturday Meme Special

1. Favorite Smell?:

Willow in the morning when she curls up next to me.

2. Favorite Landscape View?:

Waves crashing into the shore seen from a hill.

3. Favorite Taste?:

Prime Rib (insert the sound of Homer Simpson salivating)

4. Favorite Sound?:

This changes - but right now I am particularly amused by the sounds the cat makes when he is trying to entice the birds to the window.


tara said... rib. Yup.

Nell said...

My cat makes the funniest noises when she see birds. Cracks me right up!

Bezzie said...

Oh yeah! That cat-chatter noise! Springs has been doing that a lot lately too!

Lauren said...

Does your cat's bird call sound like a funny mix of chriping and croaking? It is hillarious.