Tuesday, April 01, 2008

No Fooling! (A Book Challenge Update)

I finally got around to constructing a spreadsheet to keep track of the books I am reading, the genres, the authors, the number of pages - I really am a geek for this kind of detail. I work in this environment (with numbers and products) every day, so you wouldn't think I would want to construct spreadsheets for my own fun, would you? Well, there you would be wrong. Yesterday marked the end of the first quarter of 2008, and I am happy to report that I have read 27 books. If I can continue at this rate, I will be well above my goal of 100 books for the year.

Some other facts:
  • I have read 7884 pages
  • All authors save 3 were female
  • All books were fiction
  • 78% of the books were paperbacks

I think I need to start reading some non-fiction to even this out a bit. I do have some on the backburner - and my father-in-law is a wonderful resource for history books. Do you have any suggestions you would like to recommend? I am always looking for new books - and despite my propensity toward genre fiction, I like reading everything.


tara said...

Hmmm...suggestions? The World Without us by Alan Weisman
No surprise you made a spreadsheet. Are you going to be able to share that here somehow?

Bezzie said...

Wow, I think I've read--if I'm lucky--a third of what you have this quarter!

Hm, nonfiction falling outside the call numbers 746? Right now my non fiction books have all been self-help books. So I'm not much help in that department.

I myself bring this list to the library with me every month because I find I prefer female writers. Some have been hits, some have been horrible, horrible misses.


Lauren said...

Thats a lot of books read. Go you!