Wednesday, April 02, 2008


the occurrence of two or more things coming together


My friends, it has been a craptacular day. I hate that I can't even get into it. Not that it has much to do with my personal life, but rather events in my daily life. Make sense? Part of me wants to cry, part of me is angry, and part of me just doesn't give a flying fuck anymore. I just want the stress to go away.

On a happier note, my kid does a mean impression of Edvard Munch's The Scream


tara said...

I am very sorry about your craptaular day (that is one of my favorite words btw). Check out that ringlet.

Shan said...

Uh oh.

(word verification: gaashck - how perfect)

cpurl17 said...

I've been having a few of those.
Let's hope tomorrow is better!

Bezzie said...

I have a vague idea what you might be alluding to and it's probably wrong--but does that stop the well wishes from the north from trickling down? Nope!!!

Beverly said...

I'm sorry for the craptacularness. Hope things look up soon. Hang in there.

Nell said...

I hope things are getting better.

Willow looks like a mini-you. Very cute picture.

SuzannaBanana said...

My favorite variant is 'craptasm'. I define it thusly:

1. the sensation, real or imagined, of being subjected to a deluge of unconsolidated feces, often accompanied by feelings of impotent rage and the urge to flee

Looking at the mess her dog had made in his crate, and knowing that she alone would have to clean it, Suzanne was overcome by the craptasm. She pulled the closet door shut behind her and muffled her screams with her clothes.

I hope your craptasmic experiences are behind you. In whatever sense you'd want them to be. Not literally BEHIND...oh, you know what I mean.

Lauren said...

I hope that tomorrow is not craptacular!

Feel better!

Batty said...

Urgh. I hope you have a better day soon. Sucky days just... well, they suck.

kemtee said...

Oh sweetie… here's hoping for better soon.