Tuesday, April 08, 2008

You Know You Feel A Little Off When...

... you start sing Smiths lyrics.

Girl, Afraid
Where do his intentions lay
Or does he even have any?

She says,
"He never really looks at me
I give him every opportunity"

In the room downstairs
He sat and stared
In the room downstairs
He sat and stared

I'll never make that mistake again

C. Marr Music


Pffft. You would never think I was 35 years old and married, would you? I expect I'm going to be rather maudlin the next few weeks - I hope you all stay with me. Things are going to get better - and I reiterate - it's not my personal life. My knitting has suffered big time - lately all I want to do is curl up with a book and ignore everything else.


Bezzie said...

Once the poop flying settles down you'll wonder why you even were upset. (Yeah, cold comfort when you're in the middle of the poop storm, I know!)

Beverly said...

You should take a day and do just that - curl up with a book and ignore the rest of the world. Hugs to you!

tara said...

Ah, the Smiths. Gotta love them in these moments.

Batty said...

Sometimes, being a little bit sad isn't a bad thing. Give yourself a break and curl up with a book. There's nothing wrong with that.

Nell said...

Hugs to you! I hope to see more of you soon!

Beth said...

I'm usually singing 'How soon is now' so I do understand these moods. Hang in there.

Sarah said...


All the Smiths you need.

kemtee said...

Holler if you need a shoulder.