Monday, November 08, 2010

Dream Home

Today's Prompt: What would your dream home/apartment/condo/yurt look like? Where would it be? Who'd live in it with you?

Oh my - that last question is a loaded one depending on who I have been dealing with.

I've posted this picture before, but the house is so pretty it is worth posting again:


This house overlooks the beach in Rehoboth, DE - the only problem is that I would only want to live here in the off-season. I've seen pictures of what Rehoboth looks like in season and I don't want to be anywhere that many people. Mind you, I've never seen the inside of this house and probably never will, but I love all the windows that face the ocean and the natural light they let in.

What would my dream home have? A large kitchen with plenty of cabinet and counter space. Hidey-holes for all my appliances so that the counters are clear. A double sink! More than one bathroom! (Maybe you are correctly guessing here that some of these wants are directly connected to my complaints with my current home...) I would love to have a sitting room off my bedroom so I could read in peace. A library would be wonderful - or even just built in bookshelves! A fireplace...

Oh my. What do you want in your dream home?


mom said...

uhm-m-m....can it be more than 1 house??? on the property??
Love & Hugs

Odie Langley said...

I have thought about it often Jo. Since I love to cook it would have to have a spacious kitchen with double ovens, pantry, a huge sink, an island with range built in. Also an office so I could blog instead of doing it in the bedroom. I have always wanted a log home for the sturdiness and charm. Since I love the mountains so much I would have to have a generation system so if the power failed I would have all the power I need until the power came back on. How about that one girl?

Kaye said...

Interesting prompt! I don't do anything near any body of water. I had too many friends loose their homes to a shifting river.
Mine would be in the woods. Trees and no neighbors so I could walk around naked if I wanted to w/out worrying if the neighbors saw me. I'd love built in shelves. And a craft room. A kitchen with counterspace and storage would be nice too.

Batty said...

Did you know there's a Rehoboth in MA? Doesn't look like that, though. That's very pretty.

Elizabeth said...

You know, I live in my dream home!!!! That said, I think we all have things that we would change no matter how happy we are in our surroundings. We have lived in our home for 34 years; and, after living here that long, there are things I would change----larger kitchen with granite counter tops and lots of storage, linen closets for every bathroom, 1/2 bath for pop-in guests (we have 4, but they are all connected to bedrooms), french doors opening to the deck rather than sliding glass doors, larger bedrooms (master bedroom and bath is huge but the others are on the smaller side). So you see, no matter what you have, there's always something that has improved over the years that would make it just a little better. I don't ever foresee these things changing in my house, but I'm happy just the way they are anyway. It's nice to dream!!!!