Monday, November 29, 2010

How Fat Is My Cat?


Well, he doesn't fit into the cat food bag...

That being said, Lucky isn't huge - he's a long tomcat and weighs about 16 pounds. We had him on diet cat food at one point and he slimmed down to 13 pounds - but then developed crystals in his bladder. At that point we had to switch to special moist food and limit his (also special) dry cat food to once a day. A fat, healthy cat is preferable to a skinnier one who pees blood (trust me, that was scary!).

Lucky snuggling A

Lucky is a lapcat by nature - if anyone sits on the sofa, he comes running up to claim the primo spot - and come to think of it, other than is 15 minute crazy freak out most nights, that is about all the exercise he gets. He loves the laser pointer, but those tend to go missing in our house. Trader Joe's paper grocery bags are great fun as well (he chases them around the kitchen and then hides in them). Does anyone have any other ideas on how to exercise your cat? I would love to hear them!


Kaye said...

Pop out that baby and she'll chase him. Ask me how I know! LOL!

jae said...

Hubby and I encourage our cat to jump down, run across the room, and jump up to our laps. She goes back and forth between us for atleast 15 minutes before she figures out she is being made to exercise. :)

SuzannaBanana said...

Buddy loved this Koosh-on-a-wire toy, and he got to the point where he'd "hunt" it. I'd run with it trailing behind me, and he'd trot after it, waiting until I was in front of a good hiding spot. He'd duck into the spot, crouch, then pounce on the toy. We'd repeat the chase four or five times a day.