Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Holy DMV Misadventures, Batman.


I had hoped to have a funnier story for you, but the gist of it is:
  • I need to renew my driver's license
  • Delaware has new document requirements for licenses (passports, birth certificates, green cards, etc.)
  • Wednesday is the only day of the week they are open past the time I get off work
  • We got lost on our way to the DMV (not horrendously lost, but got there later than we planned)
  • We arrived 90 minutes before they closed
  • My ticket number was 183
  • They were serving 50
  • No one was particularly interested in giving a 7 month pregnant woman a seat
  • We gave up 15 minutes before they closed... because there was still 83 people ahead of me in line.
Gah!  No one is happy right now.  Andrew was stressing because I couldn't sit down for a long while, and he had a headache.  So many people who didn't understand the new document requirements were clogging up the lines, only to be turned away when they got up there.  It looks like I am going to have to take time off work to get my new license - I'm not terribly pleased with that - but I only have little more than a week before my license expires.


kemtee said...

Oh, the joys of spending the day at the DMV. I don't think it matters what state it is, the story remains the same.

Last time I went, they pulled up the wrong license number and the woman was quite insistent that I had three points on my license. Apparently, I more closely resembled the short, african-american man (whose photo was also on the screen) than I thought….

~RaenWa~ said...

Wow it sounds like you had a horrible day. I can't believe no one would give up their seat to you. I hope you get your license before it expires.

Odie Langley said...

So sorry you had to deal with that stressful time. Better luck next time.

Discoknits said...

That sucks! People can be SO rude. No seat for a pregnant woman!!!

Michelle said...

OMG JO! I have to renew mine in a few months. Wow, makes me want to go... NOT!

Sorry you had to stand.... where all all the gentlemen?