Friday, November 12, 2010

Yarn Pron Friday - The Canadian Edition

Whenever I travel, I like to pick up some 'souvenir' yarn, and if it comes (whether spun or dyed) from the place I am visiting, so much the better. Now, I know I am stretching this concept a bit with this yarn - but then again, Canada is a pretty big country! Fleece Artist hails from Mineville, Nova Scotia - and I bought this skein from the Beehive Yarn Shop in Victoria, BC - about as far as you can get away from Nova Scotia and still be in the same country.


The yarn? Fleece Artist Trail Socks in the 'Fatrails' colourway.


It's a very skooshy feeling - and machine washable (probably my favourite trait in sock yarn)! It's mostly light and dark teal, but where the colours transition from one to the other there are hints of a purple. What shall I make with it...?


kemtee said...


Me, I just like to pick my Fleece Artist skeins up and squeeze it. Though I wear my 'Aegean' socks quite a bit.

kathy said...

the most obvious and a pair for the new baby!

Zonda said...

Pretty yarn! Happy Birthday!

SuzannaBanana said...

It looks like a cloudy sky just before dark. So pretty!

turtlegirl76 said...

oooh pretty!