Saturday, November 27, 2010


Maybe my Magic Chef bread machine isn't so dead after all. I started thinking about this last night - and when I thought it died last week, I had been trying to make pizza dough. I normally set up my bread machine in the sunroom because I really don't have the space for it in my kitchen. However, Pizza day was very chilly - I think the room was so cold, that the heat generated by the bread machine to rise the dough wasn't enough to counteract the cold in the room - so my pizza dough didn't rise.

So, I decided to experiment.

I woke up early this morning, so I lugged the bread machine into the kitchen, put it in front of a heating vent so it would warm up (it was only 29'F this morning). Once at a more temperate room temperature, I set the dough up for these Cinnamon Rolls in the machine, and plugged it into my crowded kitchen wall socket.

The dough rose! It was all the way to the top of the glass when the dinger went off.

Here's a pic of the nascent cinnamon rolls first put together:


And after the dough had proofed:


And out of the oven and glazed:


Yummy! So, maybe there is a bit of life in my machine yet. I think a new one will be on the horizon in the next year, but this one will do for now - I will just have to remember to set it up in the kitchen rather than the sunroom.


Discoknits said...

There's life in the old dog yet! I really should try making my own bread. My boys wanted cinnamon rolls for breakfast the other day, so we got some pillsbury in a can. Gross. I can't eat that stuff!!!

Odie Langley said...

Yours looks so yummy.