Saturday, May 21, 2005

Colonial State Scottish Games

Today Teri, Andrew, and I went to the Colonial State Scottish Games in Maryland... and yes, I saw yarn. I didn't buy any, despite the fact that there were deals to be had. They had homespun wool in some lovely muted colours for about $2 for 600 feet (yes, it was a bit odd that it was measured in feet). The reason I didn't buy any is that I am going to try and only buy wool for projects I have in mind. I am a great person for buying stuff I like and having no clue whatsoever what to make with it. We also watched the Sheep-to-Shawl competition for a while, and I was invited to come to two different knitting guild meetings so that this other woman wouldn't be the only young woman there.

And even better - I was carded at the wine store! In my mid-thirty-ish state, being asked for my ID is a wonderful thing to hear. Teri and I bought two bottles of Reisling and some dried apricot-studded Stilton and it is so yummy together. Back to the imbibing...

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