Sunday, May 08, 2005

Happy Mother's Day!

I love my Mom. Plain and simple. You can't really say my Mom taught me to knit - I'm sure she tried many times, but it didn't stick. She did teach me to crochet, however and I did that all through my teens until just before I got pregnant at 28. But, since having learned to knit, my Mom has been an invaluable resource on what the ^(%(^&% I'm trying to do... even if she doesn't have the pattern in front of her and is only going on my frantic mumbling, she can usually set me straight. I tried looking through my photo albums to find something my Mom had knit for me as a child and I came up with this:

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My sisters and I (me in yellow, Teri in blue, and Jaime in pink) used to get sort of matching outfits every year for Easter. I think I must have been about 8 years old in this picture.

And here is my favourite picture of my Mom:

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My Mom came out a few days before Willow was born and stayed for a month, and for that I will be eternally grateful. Willow is my parents' only grandchild and I know it is so hard for everyone that we live a continent away. I'm still hoping someone will invent some sort of Star Trek-ish transport technology so we can pop back and forth whenever we want.

As for my mother's day present... I got my digital food scale! Completely unsentimental, but exactly what I wanted. We're off to the Brandywine Zoo today to see a segment on animal mothers, and then we are off to my in-laws house for dinner. Happy Mother's Day to everyone!


Anonymous said...

You three are just the cutest little girls, like a famous painting I had once in a jigsaw,do you know who I am :)

Jo said...

I'm going to plead ignorance... both my Mom and Clara like jigsaw puzzles, but this doesn't sound like either of them. 'Fess up!