Friday, May 20, 2005

Fimo Butterfly Stitch Markers

Stitch Markers made from Fimo clay Posted by Hello

Teri and I made a whirlwind tour of the craft stores and LYS in the area... and yes, I bought yarn! Manos of Uruguay in a dark red/burgundy colorway for a secret project and some cheapy superwash sunny red/yellow colorway called 'Lollipops' (never heard of it before) to make a baby or toddler hat. Teri introduced me to memory wire and I made myself a pretty pink/coral bracelet. I had bought the above Fimo clay roll a few months ago to make stitch markers and Teri helped me with them. It was very easy, but the wire is not as sturdily stuck into the clay as I would have liked. I think if the beads fall out I will just crazy glue the posts back in. Teri made the middle bead stitch marker with the leftover beads from my bracelet.

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MOM said...

I thought you weren't going to buy anymore yarn?????