Friday, May 06, 2005

Wilmington Flower Market

Andrew, Willow and I went to the Wilmington Flower Market this afternoon. Truth be told, it is more of a midway than a flower market but it was fun nonetheless. Willow went on rides for the first time, and true to form the ride she liked best was the fastest one. Not even the treat of riding on a real live pony for the first time compared with the balloon helicopter ride. This child is two years old and is already a speed freak... just wait until she is tall enough to go on a rollercoaster.

I wanted to take pictures of all my works-in-progress (um, yes - there are multiple ones), but soon found the batteries in my camera were dead - so let me charge them overnight and I'll have the pictures tomorrow along with some gratuitous Willow pics. Here is a run down of the works in progress:

1. Sitcom Chic cardigan for me
2. Laceweight scarf for me
3. T-shirt sweater for Willow
4. Baby blanket for unidentified baby since the originally intended recipient is now 2
5. Ribbon shawl for me (need to finish for a wedding at the end of May)
6. Mittens for Willow
7. Long forgotten socks somewhere in stash closet

I have the yarn already for another half-dozen projects. My sole New Year's resolution this year was to teach myself how to knit cables. I have some nice pale grey wool to try this with - so as soon as one of these abovementioned projects is finished, a long cable swatch (aka scarf) is going on next.

Andrew was a bit perturbed I hadn't mentioned I was married in this blog. I have (check out my complete profile) but for some reason, the word 'married' doesn't make it all the way to the front page. Consequently, my mini-bio looks ungrammatical as well. Odd. In any case, here is a pic of my husband, Andrew:

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Here are two pics of recently finished objects. The first is a sweater I knit for a friend's baby (and modeled on Willow's doll), and the second is of Willow's Easter sweater.

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Elisabeth said...

What gorgeous pictures of your family! Willow is a beautiful name & her Easter sweater looks great!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love Willow's sweater. Do you mind sharing the pattern you used. My little girl Sarah would LOVE it!

Debra and Sarah