Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Why does finishing take so long!

I would say I am now 90% finished my Sitcom Chic sweater - one more placket to knit, the remaining part of the collar, and weave in the ends. Why does this last part take so interminably long?!? I am not sure if I will block the sweater or not. Encore is 75% acrylic and 25% wool and completely machine washable and dryable - so I am not sure blocking it will achieve anything.

My sister Teri is coming down from the Yukon to visit me next week and she has asked that I take her to all my favourite yarn stores... oh, Teri - you enabler, you! There was only one yarn store in Whitehorse and they closed down, so Teri is bringing with her a yarn shopping list from her friends up North. I told her she was probably better off ordering from www.knitpicks.com but I am sure she will want to fondle everything when she comes down.

Trini reminded me that I still haven't revealed from where I gleaned the name of my blog. It is the title of a volume of poetry by Irving Layton, a Canadian poet. He is a very earthy, salty man and he ranks up there with Leonard Cohen as my poetry gods. To read one of his poems, go here: http://www.mcclelland.com/pdfs/excerpt_layton_4948X.pdf (I'm sorry - I will learn how to imbed a link!) My favourite poem of his is "Look, the Lambs Are All Around Us!". It starts off with the line, "Your figure, love,/curves itself/into a man's memory" and goes from there.

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Anonymous said...

Yay! Thanks for the answer :o)

Willow as "rebel" is too cute. You can tell that girl has some spirit!

luv trini