Thursday, May 19, 2005

Sitcom Chic has found a new owner!

My sister, Teri, arrived last night and I am so happy she is here! I had her try on Sitcom Chic not long after she arrived, and that traitorous garment looks like she was made for my sister. Something new for me then. I have a cable sweater pattern that I bought long ago when I had no clue how to do cables... and now that I have an inkling, maybe I will try that as my official first sweater.

And as for stashes... I also showed Teri my yarn closet last night, and she told me she was scared! And that I wasn't allowed to buy any more yarn while we are out carousing around the different fiber establishments in the area. So, we had to go online so I could show her some other knitting blogs of people who have much more of a stash than I have. I have aspirations, you know...

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