Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Resolute at New Year's

I'm feeling kind of serious right now. Don't get me wrong - not depressed - but I have enough things on my plate right now that I feel the need to just cozy up on the sofa, read my fluffy book and ignore the world at large.

But, I suppose I need to come up with some resolutions first.

First, a photo:

Isn't my Mom amazing? She knit this sweater for Willow for Christmas and it is gorgeous - hooded cardigan with cables throughout. You can't even see where she seamed it all up. I feel like I muddle through my knitting compared to her.

So, my first New Year's resolution?

1. Learn to knit cables. Functionally - in a garment - not on a 3 inch swatch to prove you *can* theoretically do it.

I'm also a bit put off by my size right now. I'm a person who has weighed a lot more than I currently do - and certainly have no desire to hit that personal best (cough!) again... but there is this apathy that is so easy to slip in to. I went to Weight Watchers on Friday night, and despite the fact that I had lost 2 pounds over Christmas (something I am entirely attributing to the fact that I was sick because I was certainly not very healthy in my eating habits)... the last time I was at the weight I at now... I was about five months pregnant. I'm not impressed by that. So, I have kept on plan this week, posted a picture of myself in my bra and panties on the refrigerator as a snacking deterrent (oh, and it works!), and have exercised every day.

So, number two:

2. Lose 30 pounds.

Number three is harder to lay down, so I'm not getting into it yet.

I have goals, but I don't consider them in the same category as resolutions. Resolutions infer than you have a determining hand in the matter. My goals this year include to get promoted to the next level in my job, have Willow start reading, and to move into a home of our own.


Jaimes said...

Hey Jo, thanks for an update I was getting upset that you hadn't blogged since 12/27/05, and a little worried.Mom did an awesome job!!I may have to learn aswell, but that can be next year, my resolution this year is all about baby!!! Love you Jaimes. Oh yeah I forgot to mail your soap with the xmas stuff...I will soon. Jaimes

tara said...

OK, you are very brave to put a picture of yourself on your fridge. If I did that I am sure I would have a neighbor visit and see it. My weight loss goal is 15 pounds (5 gained after having Nuala) so I can fit into my old clothes. I have even given up my 20$ a week goldfish cracker obsession (day 3). What could number 3 be?

MOM said...

Thank you Jo...I was starting to wonder if it was too small when I didn't hear anything! Did W like the CDN Smarties?