Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Confessions and Options

I don't have a real project going on right now - I have little things that I can finish up in a day or two, but nothing that will sustain me through a few SnBs and nights watching American Idol.

My name is Jo and I am an American Idol addict.

I watched this show in the hospital less than 24 hours after I had given birth to Willow! I don't vote - I know the chances of my vote making a difference in a world of teenyboppers with cellphones paid for by Mummy and Daddy... And when I was in Canada, I have even seen a few episodes of the Canadian offshoot, Canadian Idol. Catchy title, that.

Back to my point - I need something larger than mittens, hat, or baby sweater to work on. Two tempting things have come up, but the time frame doesn't fit well. First, at the Yarn Harlot's site ( ) she has proposed an Olympic Challenge - to knit something you have never attempted - or a using a technique you have never tried - to finish an entire project during the time of the Olympics - which isn't until mid-February. I haven't signed up yet because I am trying to think of something new to work on. I know I resolved to make something functional with cables - and I am pretty sure I could finish a cableknit scarf in 16 days - but I'm not really inspired to do that. I have enough yarn to make a man's sweater (again, something I have never tried before) and to make myself Veste Everest (but I honestly don't know if I could pull that off in 16 days - I would be ignoring my family more than usual and feeding them Kraft Dinner and hot dogs on alternate nights).

However, starting a project in mid-February isn't going to do anything about me jonesing to start something new now.

Then the other potential project I came across was the Red Scarf project on Amy Singer's Knitty blog ( ). Of course, the first thing that came to mind was knitting a red cableknit scarf! But then that would take this project out of the running for the Olympic challenge because cables would have lost their amateur status. I do have a Einstein Bagels not far from my house - maybe I can grab my SnB buddy some Saturday morning and we can score free bagels and have an impromptu SnB there.


What do I do?


candsmom said...

I'm such an AI addict, too!! I especially love the first few episodes where the contestants are still auditioning in the big venues. Hilarious! Veste Everest is beautiful and I bet you could do it. A little mac and cheese never hurt anybody. ;-) BTW, way to go on the weight loss- congratulations! Take care, Jo! :-)

Jo said...

I'm taking your idea under serious consideration... but I may have to cheat and to the cable diagrams out in Excel before I start - I'm really not the best at reading charts.

Thanks on the congrats - I'm feeling really good about this.

AlbinoFlea said...

I came across this just the other day and thought it might be a fun project, although perhaps not terribly challenging: sewing booties for the Iditarod sled dogs. Details are available at It starts on March 4th, so it may be too late for this year (?) but there's always next year...

jaimes said...

Big sis Jo, I have a cure for your American Idol it was on satalite tele the other night, Indian Idol in India, very catchy you should watch it as for a project,... I will get back to you on that one Love Jaimes

ter-bear said...

I love American Idol too!!! I missed the first one, but did watch last night. I love to point and laugh at people - but only when they can't see and hear me and beat me up. TV is perfect for that!

As for the Knitting Olympics - I'd love a red cable knit scarf. As for the level of difficulty with the cables - as you have said before, just because you've done a swatch and proved you can do it, doesn't make you a master cabler. Doing a whole cableknit scarf would still be a challenge for you!

Go for it Joey!

MOM said...

I have to confess....I watch AI too! also CI....I do know how to waste my time!

Jo said...

Steve -

Good suggestion! I hadn't realized that was something they need. Andrew's Dad is an avid Iditarod tracker.