Friday, January 20, 2006

She Thinks She'll Keep Him

Look what Andrew brought me when he came home last night:

Forgive my poor photography skills - it was night time and if I had taken the picture in the window the flash would have reflected and the photo would have looked worse. Even better than getting roses, these flowers even smell! My mother-in-law has many flower/seed catalogs, and whenever I see a page with roses and the write-up says 'faint scent' or 'light scent', I lose all interest. I want my roses to come on strong. Thank you, Andrew!

Oh - WW update - make that 24.8 pounds to go :) Yes, I write that as I savour my Symphony bar with almonds and toffee chips. Don't judge me!

I have made my decision and handed in my intention to finish Veste Everest for the Yarn Harlot's Olympics Challenge. To see a picture of what the finish object will look like, check out:

As always, I am making a few alterations. I have read a few blogs of people who have already finished this project, and I am going to do one extra set of cable repeats to lengthen the body a bit. Not that I am particularly long or tall - just, uh, chesty. I am making the largest size (52" chest) even though that will be too big for me because I tend to knit tight and I would rather have the vest be more on the loose side. And I will be making it out of some royal heather blue Wool Ease so my husband can throw it in the washer and dryer with impunity.


MOM said...

Dad wants to know if A was bad???

Jo said...

No - he was just being thoughtful :) Willow was upset, though - she says Daddy has to bring her pretty flowers.

candsmom said...

Your husband is so sweet to bring you roses- he's definitely a keeper. ;-) And hooray for Veste and Everest and the Olympics! I'll be cheering you on (even if you're knitting for Team Canada ;-)) from the sidelines- you can do it! Take care! :-)

Sonya said...

Oh, I like the Veste Everest; very pretty cables. What a thoughtful husband you have! And a very beautiful daughter too. ;o)