Thursday, January 12, 2006

Mittens and Minions

Last Saturday I knit my first pair of mittens. Despite the fact that they were supposed to be women-sized and fit Willow *now*, I'm quite happy with my accomplishment. I had always been a bit skittish over the thumbs, but now I realize there isn't much to it. The yarn is the super-bulky wool from in the 'Little Lovely' colourway and the pattern free from the Knitting Pure and Simple website. The mittens took less than 5 hours to complete.

The model, while loving the mittens, was not into modeling said mittens:

And here is the mittens up against my ubiquitous beige sofa background:

Yes, one is pointier than the other and I'm not really sure the reason for that - but since Willow loves wearing them, I'm not going to complain.

My LYS, Garden of Yarn, is having their yearly everything-on-sale sale right now. I managed to get into work 45 minutes early this morning so I could hit the sale not long after they opened... only to find out that the little old knitting ladies must have camped outside the store! The shelves were nearly devoid of the deeply discounted sale stuff by the time I got there. I did manage to get 10 skeins of dark charcoal Encore Worsted to make Andrew a sweater. It has to be this yarn because he loves throwing things into the washing machine.

And as for minions? Apparently people don't care to be called that.

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Ter-bear said...

It's the Superior Canadian humor that some people just don't get!!

Cute Mittens!