Friday, January 27, 2006


Here is a picture of Willow and her cousins:

Joy is on the left and she is 18 months older than Willow. Grace is on the right and she is a little over 4 years older than Willow. They are only back in the US for a few months - their family lives in China, where their parents are learning Mandarin. Willow had so much fun with them these last few days and was very sad to see them go.


candsmom said...

What a sweet pic! Looks like Willow is really attached to her cousins. I bet they got into all kinds of good mischief together. ;-) Take care, Jo! :-)

Jaime said...

They are so sweet!! I hope that yo took lots of pics, how long are they going to live in China for? Give Willow a big kiss for me okay. Love Jaimes

Anonymous said...

A ha! I am your KnittySP6 - get ready for getting spoiled missus!

TTFN. xxx

Jo said...

Woohoo! I've been claimed!

tammy said...

Hello former Surrey Girl! I went to Len Shepherd and Q.E. I was looking over your blog and you have a lovely family and some excellent yarn! I also really liked the green hat you knit.

Can't wait to Knit for Canada! Whoo Hoo!