Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Cool - me in a nutshell

So cool :) Go to http://www.snapshirts.com/index.php and enter in your blog information. You will get something like this:

Muwahaha! Minions made the cut!


ter-bear said...

Hey! I made it on there too (and the lettering is as big as Andrew!!!)

Very Cool!

candsmom said...

I think I must be the only blogger in the blogosphere for whom this word cloud thing isn't working. I must have cookies enabled or pop-up blocking or something else that I'm too technologically inept to figure out with DH's help. ;-) Yours turned out so cool! And reading your previous post and clicking on the link, Project Dulaan sounds like such a wonderful cause. The smiles on their faces would make everything worthwhile- thanks so much for the link! Take care, Jo! :-)

Anonymous said...


Didn't know it was a competition for font size. Of course you made it on you goof, you and Jo are as thick as thieves (and conspire like a couple some times too). We all love you, and a lot. Sorry if I ruffled your feathers yesterday. You know I like to tease. It comes from having been teased a lot myself.

Your Big Brother (and Jo's loving (if annoying) husband)