Monday, April 03, 2006

April is Panda Month!

Day 34: April is National Panda Month at the National Zoo. Check out some information at .

Here are some Project Spectrum pictures for you - I had seen some people do this last month for red and pink. I have to say, though - it grates against everything inside me to group books together by colour. Not that my books are organized much right now other than Willow's books on the lowest shelf, and knitting books in the same bookcase as my erstwhile yarn...

And here is Willow's contribution to the yellow and orange theme:

And my addictive snack du jour:

And don't look, Jaime! This is my baby present for my little sister's Plus One. Jaime and Chris decided to not find out the baby's gender (how are we avid knitters supposed to make anything?!!?!), so the baby's first present from me will be a sunny orange colour.

1 comment:

Lolly said...

You can put them back on the shelf as they were now! ;) Thanks for the yellow pic - it is so bright and shiny!

And thank you to Willow for the contribution!