Thursday, April 27, 2006

SP6 Goodies, Library Update, and Gratuitous Willow (not necessarily in that order!)

I forgot to include this picture of Willow when I posted photos of my father-in-law's flower garden:

There are a couple of rocks like this in my in-laws' garden and there is an interesting story behind them. When my in-laws built their house 30+ years ago, they had a hard time digging the basement because this area is notorious for the rocks close to the surface. BIG ROCKS. These rocks had to get blasted out of the ground to dig for the basement. In any case, they kept a few of these large rocks to put in strategic places in the garden, and if you walk through their neighbourhood, you will find other such rocks... the neighbours liked my in-laws' rock garden so much they wanted some of their own! This is Willow's favourite climbing rock.

Today I received a package at work... my third and last package from my Knitty SP6 Secret Pal... who I now know is Helen from ! Helen, thank you so much for my package! This package, as well as the previous one, had been opened by Customs... we knitters are a suspicious-looking bunch, aren't we?

Let's see... leftish to rightish: beautiful sock yarn in 'Ocean' - so calm and pretty, HP Sauce, Marmite (!), 3 skeins of burgundy Rowan Ribbon Twist, a Lush bath bomb (!!!), Milk Chocolate Hobnobs (little did Helen know I have a package of these in my desk at work for my morning coffee break!), and a bar of lovely smelling soap. There was also a hilarious card of a small child in an unfortunate knitted outfit ;)

Here's a close up of the sock yarn - I love how quiet the colour changes are:

And... there was something for Willow in the package as well:

Helen, I'm sorry. Sometimes it is impossible to take a picture of a three year old. They just don't sit still. Helen sent Willow a darling little felted purse which had a small tube of lotion inside. She now thinks she is a proper lady and I am doing my best to have her *not* slather all the lotion on at once!

Library Update:

The Library Manager telephoned me yesterday and said that he had no problem at all with my knitting group having permanent digs at the library. There was no mention of the snarky librarian, but he did say he wanted to talk to me further about this when he gets back from vacation. In the meantime, we have a room and are now considered to be a library-sponsored group, which means out SnB will be on the library's website schedule! Yay!


turtlegirl76 said...

Yay on the library! Glad that turned out well!

And what an awesome package. You were such a wonderful SP to me, I'm glad Purlpower spoiled you rotten in return!


Hurrah! Finally I can post replies here without having to worry about making myself anonymous!

Great picture of Willow enjoying her presents.

I don't know what it is with me and US Customs, they just can't resist opening up my least this one didn't get delayed for three weeks though.


PS. The curious yarns sock yarn has got all the sock knitters I know absolutely smitten. Here's their website in case you want to drool.

mf said...

AWESOME Sock yarn! Purly is just wonderful isnt' she! ;o)) My soap sure does get around....Hope you like.
Wonderful gifts from the UK and lovely Rowan too! My fav...I hate customs! us knitty groups must be very dangerous with our packages...

RennyBA said...

Thanks for the update pics of you're father in laws garden.
The pics of the Willow was just great becouse it shows a happy girl in action - don't tell her to stopp enjoying for you to take the pic!
Have a great end to you're week:-)