Sunday, April 09, 2006

Not quite done with you yet

Apparently I miscalculated... I didn't understand that Lent encompassed only Monday - Saturday and that Sundays weren't counted as part of the forty days... and people can't seem to agree as to whether Lent ends on Thursday or Saturday, so I still have another week's worth of facts to come up with. That being said,

Day 40: The etymology of the word Lent comes from the Middle English lenten or lente, meaning 'spring', and before that from the Old English lencten, meaning 'lengthen' from the days getting longer.

Project Spectrum picture! I believe these are primulas, but they were the only bits of yellow in the backyard that I hadn't already taken pictures of.

While driving around today I saw plenty of yellow sports cars. Gawdawful goldenrod yellow. I'm not sure what is up with that, but I didn't take any pictures because I think people would take offense at some random stranger taking pictures of their vehicle...

Another rhododendron blooming in the backyard. Can someone tell me why my pictures always look over-bright? What setting do I need to change?

And a weird picture of me. I was standing in the exact same spot as where I had taken the above purple flower shot - and I caught sight of my shadow to the left. Yes, those are my hips...


tara said...

Neat shadow picture. And those long legs!

Anonymous said...

I am pretty certain that Lent ends on Saturday not Thursday...we were brought up strict Catholics and usually gave up chocolate for lent. I am sure we didn't get our chocs until Easter Sunday. Then we gorged ourselves and knew the meaning of 'gluttony'!

Love your KNittysp6xxx

PS. The new Knitty is up - have you taken a peak yet? My favourite pattern is the socks.

MOM said...

Do you have a brightness seyying on the setup menu for your camera? If so, lower it by 1 or more points.