Saturday, April 29, 2006

Two Hundred and Counting

Posts, that is. What did you think I was talking about? Wait, wait - just don't even go there.

My father-in-law's garden is proving a fertile ground (pun intended) for Project Spectrum photos. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the blooming rhododendrons and azaleas change every week, and it was just my luck that the majority of the current blooms are yellow and orange. Hmm... maybe Lolly and my father-in-law are in cahoots... My father-in-law informed me after the last batch of photos that I mis-identified some... the general rule is that small leaves = azalea, large leaves = rhododendron, despite the flower size.

An corally-peach azalea from the front yard:

A yellow azalea from the side of the house:

A gorgeous bright flame orange azalea from the back yard. This one is one of my favourites, but unfortunately it gets banged around quite a bit because it is on the corner of the back of the house near the walkway.

A delicate lemon-yellow azalea from the side of the house:

No, I'm not cheating you here - this is a different orange azalea from the picture above. It is on the opposite side of the house:

A very sunny yellow azalea with coral buds from the front yard:

Here are some non-Project Spectrum flowers (I couldn't just ignore them because they weren't yellow or orange!). This rhododendron's flowers are massive. I didn't think to put something up for scale, but this flower is about the size of a dinner plate! This flower reminds me of Hawaii - though I have never been there - the light colour in the middle and the darker pink on the outside.

This flower was in dark shade when I took the picture; I adjusted the settings for cloudiness, but the colours of the flower did not come out exactly right. They were a darker rose pink in real life. Closer to mid-May this rhododendron's neighbours will be a glorious riot of purple!

I know there has been scant knitting content here lately - and this is mostly due to the fact that the only thing I have been knitting is my sister's baby blanket for her upcoming Plus One. I'm sorry, Jaime - I love you and I will cherish Plus One... but knitting baby blankets must be the most tedious knitting project ever. I can't wait until Plus One makes his/her appearance and I can work on quickly finished baby outfits in the appropriate colours and styles! At least Satomi has told me she is having a girl and I can get started on stuff for her once I have finished the Tangerine Dream...


turtlegirl76 said...

Psst - there's always socks. And Willow's got little feet. Talk about a quick fun knit!

Jo said...

Cristi -

I want to knit socks - I really do! I am less than enamoured with the dpns for that long, so I really want to try 2 circs or the Magic Loop method... the only problem is I have the 2 circ book (and no two size 1 or 2 circs) and a 40" size 1 Addi (but no Magic Loop book)...


Lolly said...

Saw these on the Flickr group - just so lovely!! Thanks for sharing :)

BookishKnitster said...

Gorgeous flowers! Your father-in-law certainly has a green thumb. The orange azaleas are my favorite!

Ter-Bear said...


You are making me jealous with all the blooms. It's still brown season here in the Yukon. Damnit. I hate brown season. The only good thing about it is the sunshine. It's light out from 5:30 am to 11:00 pm.

Beak-Knits said...

Thanks for sharing the azaleas!! We are stranded in Florida this spring, which means 90 degrees and no spring flowers.

I feel your pain on the baby blankets...I have three I need to start (and am actively avoiding!)

Great blog!