Sunday, April 23, 2006

My Father-In-Law's Beautiful Garden

My father-in-law has an amazing garden - plain and simple. His passions are rhododendrons and azaleas with a small smidgen reserved for dogwoods. He once estimated that he had about 140 azalea bushes and 60 rhododendrons in his yard - and they all bloom at different times throughout spring and summer... and if we are lucky and have a warm spell in winter, we have a few that pop up then as well.

This is my current favourite in the backyard:

I think it would be impossible to have an all over favourite since your choices change every few weeks.

Here is a close up of one of the dogwoods:

And a magenta azalea:

Another flowering dogwood - this one in the front yard:

A mauve rhododendron in the front:

A dark rose-pink azalea in front of the bay window:

And some more flowers to add to the Project Spectrum pile:

A yellow magnolia:

We have lived in Delaware for five years now, the first three of which were in this very house... and I am a little embarassed to admit that I didn't know until today that there was a yellow magnolia in the yard!

A yellow and orange azalea:

A pink and yellow rhododendron:

Another yellow rhododendron:

A very cool coral-red and yellow rhododendron:

And this, my friends, is only the beginning of the best season for my father-in-law's garden.


Zonda said...

Wow, those are lovely flowers! Especially made better by your pictures! Nice job!

Tami said...

Beautiful Post.

I love Magnolia trees. I don't think I have ever seen a yellow one. Very cool.

RennyBA said...

I can tell Spring is in the air at you're place as it is in Norway too. Thanks for sharing this - I just love to see all thouse flowers and my favorite is rhododendrons which we have but much smaler in Norway.