Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Belated Christmas Finished Objects

But not belated on my end! These are Christmas presents I knit for my Mom and Dad and had finished before I went up to see them - but since my parents read my blog nearly every day I wasn't able to post pictures of the presents in progress.

First, a hat for my Mom:

Mom loved purple and hates wool (sacrilege!), so this hat is knit out of a acrylic/polymide boucle blend - it is really soft and scrunchy. Mom, however, is supposed to pull the cap down a bit further :)

And the big present... that I slaved over... that Daddy better appreciate...

Daddy's Hemp-Wool socks knit from stuff I bought from Dzined at the TKCA conference at King of Prussia last July:

The pattern is from the Ann Budd multiple gauge pattern book and was very easy - and one skein gave me enough for a pair of socks with a 2" ball left over in the end (yes, I was getting worried toward the end!) One toe is slightly pointier than the other:

I'm not sure what happened there because I am fairly certain I followed each sock exactly as called for in the pattern - I'm sure the point will mellow out over time.

Now... if only my sister Jaime would send me her pictures so I could show you the rest of the presents I knit for Christmas...


Batty said...

Gorgeous! Hats and socks in happy colors!

MOM said...

how can we read it every day when you don't post everyday?????
Love & Hugs

Satomi said...

Your mom and dad have not changed what color they like! I still remember your dad always worn red socks while I lived with your parents in Canada!! ;)
Anyway, the hat and socks look very nice!