Friday, January 05, 2007

First Finished Objects of the Year

Dear Mom,

These are yours. On one condition...

You throw away two of the threadbare dishcloths in your drawer! The dishcloth on the left was inspired by seeing washcloths on Elizabeth's blog, and it has a great nubby texture on one side. The one on the right I don't have a link to because it was just a two line repeat pattern I found in my Reader's Digest stitch dictionary book (six plain then six moss stitch).

Your dutiful daughter,

Andrew, pancake chef extraordinaire that he is, received this maple leaf mold for Christmas and he wanted to show off to my family that he did figure out how to use it. This pancake was mine - and you know what was great about it? All the points of the leaf make crisp bits on the pancake and they were so yummy!

Don't you wish you were having pancakes right now?


Batty said...

That pancake is making me drool. We're having pancakes tomorrow. I just decided that.

I'm starving!

Elizabeth said...

Love the washcloths, Jo. Glad I could inspire you :)

Zonda said...

Um...YES! Where's mine! ;)

Nice dishcloths!! :)

Ginny said...

Too funny! I just looked at those pancake molds at Superstore on Wednesday. I resisted and didn't spend my money on one... now I'll have to reconsider!

mom said...

OK OK I'll get rid of two of my old ones....actually I have been doing that already - I used to have more than 1 pile of them, now I only have about 1/2 pile.
Love & Hugs

teri said...

Glad that your Canadian (Stupidstore) Santa could be of service.

Can I have bacon with my pancakes?? Mmmmm.... bacon dipped in maple syrup - Yum!

prostiturtle said...

oooh that looks good!

And the washcloths are fun! The trick to getting your mother to use them? Threaten to never knit for her again.

I do that with everything I knit my mom. It seems to work. =P